Except RTK 161 during ATI9


When issuing the ATI9 command, the modem excepts:

2011/11/28;14:10:38:126;001;RTK;1;Except RTK ....161 1806c720 12

The same happens, when appli is not running (AT+WOPEN=0).


RTK Exception 161 has the following description:

#define RTK_EXCEPT_BAD_HEAP_RELEASE    161 ///<Bad bloc header or footer. Header or footer may have been destroyed

Looks like the memory on the device has been corrupted. Try reflash it using DWLWin.


What if the application is completely deleted - not just stopped?

ATI9 includes some stuff from the application - so it’s possible that could be corrupt…


Application Version in Application Settings should not be longer than 11 characters.


Are you saying that was the cause of your problem :question:


Well, it is really funny. I just found some spare time, so I tested again.

I built two binaries, the only difference being Application Settings / Application / Version: first had entry 2.25_beta1 and the second one 2.25_b1.

I used two different devices (Supreme 20, Xtend 009), both with the same result.

The process:

  1. AT+WOPEN = 0
  2. DwlWin to load OS 7.46.
  3. AT+WDWL to load 2.25_beta1.
  4. ATI9 crashes the modem.
  5. AT+WDWL to load 2.25_b1.
  6. ATI9 works .

Note that I didn’t enable the application (AT+WOPEN=1) at all. And when I do, both applications work correctly, I just can’t use Target Management Debug, as it uses ATI9 info in its initialization.

Maybe my installation is somewhat corrupt/weird, as I did have some specific problems before. And, it is only this project, others do not show this behaviour.


Hi ,

Actually the problem is seen in the cases when the application size is large. This is a known problem and a tracker was created for the same which is also fixed and would be available in the Open AT Framework version 2.37.