establish network initiated GBR dedicated bearer in MC7710


I’m using MC7710 in LTE only lab environment, and trying to establish dedicated bearer with GBR-QCI.
Since I can manipulate EPC a bit, I have sent network initiated EPS dedicated bearer request from MME.

For non-GBR QCI such as QCI=6, it works all right, I can create dedicate bearer.
For any GBR-QCI, UE’s NAS message says “reject” with the cause “QCI not accepted”.

Could you please help me how I can achieve it?

I consulted MC7710 product specification (MC7710_Hardware_PTS_v3.0_ENG.pdf) but there seems no description for GBR QCI support.
I have also exercised related AT commands with no luck.




The MC7710 is a very old product and QoS/QCI was not really within its scope and I am not surprised that it does not have much functional code for this. There has far more extensive testing of the MC74 series which is much newer.