ES450 not working now that Verizon is using Large Scale NAT.

Just got my ES450 and sim card from Verizon. When I got the modem up and running and connected to my Cisco ASA5500, I unexpectedly found my Verizon Wireless internet connection has a Carrier Grade NAT IP address (100.85.43.XX), unreachable from the internet because it is behind a Large Scale NAT. Not Okay, because that’s going to break just about everything except for websurfing from this new branch office. No problem, just set up IPv6 on the ES450…looking…searching…googling… If I didn’t know any better I would have to say that this $500 modem I purchased last week doesn’t support IPv6.

What am I missing here? If the ES450 doesn’t support IPv6, and VerizonWireless offers only private ipv4 addresses from their Large Scale NAT, then the ES450 for VerizonWireless is obsolete for most intents and purposes.

This is for a branch office hub and spoke configuration of cisco ASAs. can the es450 still be used on VerizonWireless when Verizonwireless is using Large Scale NAT? If so, are there actually solutions to avoid a NAT444 scenario that best going IPV6?

I found what I was missing. Verizon Wireless can set our data only plan to receive a public IPv4 address at no extra charge (not to mention Verizon Wireless also offers APVs and static addresses).

Thank you Sierra Wireless for helping me quickly getting to a cost effective solution.