ES450 Configure device ID for TCP communication

I am trying to setup the AirLink ES450 as a DCE modem, I am using serial port to get data from a sensor and send it out as a TCP packet to my cloud server. The communication works very well however since my plan is to setup multiple units i am trying to add an identifier to each individual unit. I looked at the AT command in the user guide and i can get a device id by executing the following command:


In some of the examples i have seen there ususally is a 64-bit id printed out, in my case it simply prints ‘0xNOT SET’.

My question is how to change the device id on the ES450? So far i have not been able to find anything that helps me edit the field.

Here are some details for my device:

Device Model ES450
Radio Module Type MC7354
Radio Module Identifier GENNA-UMTS
Radio Firmware Version SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00 r27038 carmd-fwbuild1 2015/03/04 21:30:23
Radio Hardware Version 1.0