Error when trying to use ed_GprsSetConfig

Hey guys, :confused:

My Open At application was compiling with no problem…but when I put the following code:

sreturnCode = ed_GprsSetConfig(&ParamsGPRS);

I am getting the error:

Any ideias ???

Gustavo Nunes


The error…

…is most likely a link error (even though it does not say that directly :wink: ), check in the /out directory for the link error files for more information.

Since you use a routine from the IP lib …


…you must include the IP lib in your project.


Well, I created a folder and included the “ed_gprs.h” file.

Do I have to do anything else ???

(As you can see it is my first IP application)


I don’t know if you are using 2.10 or 3.02 or what Visual environment?

But in general you have to include the .h file you said you already done (in the [color=blue]project->settings->C/C+±>preprocessor) and then you also need to configure your project settings to include the correct IP lib ([color=blue]project->settings->link->library modules).

You have to select the correct IP lib that is intended for you Visual environment version (vc6 or vc7).

You must also be sure that the correct IP lib path and lib-file is included in your target makefiles.

Try and add in .mak at:
an extra line with
gcc_eDLib_300.b03.lib \