eRide with Q2686


Hello Everybody…

I am new to Q2686(6.61). I want to interface the eRide chipset with my Q2686.Which will be the best solution?
miniride or compactride?How can i interface it?
Which signals do i need to take care? How much will it cost?

Plz suggest.

Thanks in Advance.


What are your criteria for “best”? :question:

There is no such thing as “best” without specifying the specific requirements - what might be “best” for one application (eg, very high performance) may be very poor indeed for another (eg, very low price).

Note that all these terms are relative:

  • “high” performance;
  • “low” cost;
  • etc, etc…

You must state your criteria! :unamused:


Of course I am looking for the high performance device.
Suggest if any.


There is no “of course” about it!

And what exactly do you mean by “high performance”?

Being able to properly specify a problem is half way to solving it!

Or, to put it another way, you can’t hope to solve a problem if you can’t specify what the problem actually is !