EM9191 state offline and RFC_INIT:1


Why my EM9191 module display state offline and RFC_INIT:1
What can I do to get back to normal?
In addition, ask RFC_INIT:1 the meaning of this representative?
Many thanks.

State: Offline
LPM voters - Temp:0, Volt:0, User:0, W_DISABLE:0, IMSWITCH:0, BIOS:0, LWM2M:0, OMADM:0, FOTA:0, NVCRIT:0, RFCAL:0, , RFC_INIT:1
LPM persistence - None


what is the ATI3 of this module?

The display of ATI3 is shown below.

I think you need to contact distributor to get direct support from SWI.

Ok. Thank you for your help.