Em9190 and Em9191 - Any suggested PCIe Mini Card Adapters (if using PCIe to link to host computer)?

Hello. Since few (if any) computers have an open M.2 slot supporting modules 30mm wide by 52mm length, I want to select a “PCIeMiniCard-to-M.2 B-Key” adapter for using the PCIe lane in a full size mPCIe slot to link to a standard host computer. (I don’t want to use USB to link to the host because standard PCIe Mini Card slots only support USB 2, which would limit the bandwidth to perhaps 400Mbit/s.)

  1. Please share recommendations for which mPCIe to M.2 adapters have been successfully used with Em9190 or Em9191.

  2. Section 3.4 of the AirPrime EM919X-EM7690 Product Technical Specification says “Host support for PCIe 3.0 signals is required when PCIe is selected as host interface.” If attempting to use a host which supports PCIe Gen 2 but not PCIe 3.0, would the Em9190 or Em9191 fail to link to the host computer, or what would be the problem? (Is it planned that a future Em919x firmware upgrade will allow support for hosts which support PCIe Gen 2 but not PCIe 3.0?)

Thank you.

Unfortunately we haven’t tested any off the shelf M.2 to miniPCIe adapters for the EM919x. We’ve had mixed feedback from the field from customers that have sourced their own adapters…most don’t work correctly. We do sell a EM919x developer kit that can be used with PCIe or USB3.0.

Hello, I just got the EM9191 working via PCIe using these two adapter boards. I figured I would post the info here in case it helps anyone out…

Ableconn PEX-MP117 Mini PCI-E to PCI-E Adapter Card

Ableconn MPEX-134B Mini PCIe Adapter with M.2 Key B Slot

I had to drill an extra little hole in the M.2 to Mini PCIe adapter, in order to fasten it in with a screw considering the adapter does not come with a mounting hole for a 3052 card. But that was extremely simple and straight forward.