EM7590 without AT interface

I have an EM7590 module connected to a linux system. I fiddled with the interface configuration a bit using AT!USBCOMP and now I only have the mbim interface on /dev/cdc-wdm0 and the wwan0 interface. Is there a way to reset the interface settings, or did I permanently lock my self out of using the AT interface?

how about using Windows?
I saw the driver together with the configuration.ini which will set the USBCOMP value

@jyijyi I managed to get AT interface with Windows, but I couldn’t restore it from there to the Linux machine. I tried AT!RMARESET=1 but no luck. No /dev/ttyUSB* devices at all. Do you know what more can I do to restore the AT interface?

is that your AT interface is over MBIM in Windows?

I’m not sure, wasn’t aware AT over MBIM is even a possibility.
In device manager I get
However TeraTerm identifies another com port, COM16, without a name, which gives me an AT interface and responds how EM7590 should.

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless
Model: EM7590
Revision: SWIX12C_01.01.07.00 2022/11/14 16:14:31
SVN: 02
IMEI: 357999720005505
FSN: 01225200088A20


then what is AT!USBCOMP?
If AT port already enabled in AT!USBCOMP, then this is not module problem.

I had to do the following on my device to get this to work:

As root:

modprobe option
echo "1199 c081" > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id