EM7565U version

Does anyone has EM7565U modem? With letter “U” at the end at ATI command
If yes, please share AT!LTECA? Info

Hi Shvedv.egr,

I have searched on 2 pages sierrawireless.com and source.sierrawireless.com but I can’t find any module EM7565U
If you have module EM7565U, please show me ATI0 and ATI9
By the way, where did you buy the module EM7565U?

I don’t have it. I want to find this version too

Hi Shvedv.egr,
According to the information you provided, I checked the IMEI at Sierra Wireless Inc. - Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), It is EM7565 device not EM7565U device.

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