EM7565 unresponsive

Hey guys. Noob here who got in way over his head trying to solve rural internet access issues. I bought a OpenWRT router and have been trying to get the embedded EM7565 to work properly. I tried changing it to MBIM from QMI and now it responds with Timeout error to everything and I cannot issue any AT commands. There are several threads on this, but I don’t have the technical background to interpret them. I know my way around OpenWRT and I know how to SSH into the router. Really hoping I didn’t brick the modem. Any recommendations?

Fixed it by following the instructions here: https://ltehacks.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=679&p=4085&hilit=no+modem+com+port#p4085

One difference: I ran this command after the A710 command: at!RMARESET=1