EM7565 Ping hangs after 5-6 times

Hi All,

I am using EM7565 4G module for data connection.

I installed GobiNet and GobiSerial Driver on ucLinux.

AT!SCACT=1,1 returns OK with 1,1 and I got eth1 interface attached to it.

ping -I eth1 was successful but hangs after pinging 7-8 times. If I halt it and ping again it hangs.
Do I need to do any other configurations. Does this cause issue in actual data transfer. My use case is to transfer files to cloud.


did you shut down the modem manager?

how about doing DHCP like “udhcpc -i wwan0”?

How about using the USB driver from MBPL?

Hi @jyijyi
udhcpc -i eth1
I am getting the IP address but its not updating the interface. I need to manually edit ifconfig to add IP

I am not able to ping outside network also.

/sys/class/net/eth1/ ----> I dont see qmi folder here

I am not using ubuntu but running on uclinux. Not able to cross compile libqmi.
Please suggest to get mmcli for arm

How about using the USB driver from MBPL?

@jyijyi I am using the GobiNet and GobiSerial driver not default Linux drivers but not able to cross compile mmcli so using AT commands

no idea why it does not work for your platform on gobi driver, gobi driver should be working fine in Ubuntu platform
you might need to try the driver in MBPL