EM7455 Disable or configure in LPM during suspend mode

Hi Community,

I want to disable or want to configure the EM7455 modem in the LPM during driver suspend,

I have check the driver and found that during driver suspend mode EM7455 modem is not going in LPM,

However, I am able to assert the W_DISABLE line of the modem manually through gpio and also modem is going in LPM but after that i throw a two commands,

echo auto > ./1-1.1/power/control
echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/x-x/power/autosuspend_delay

And found that device is not going in proper sleep and it can take around 25 to 30 seconds for sleep,

And now i just throw two commands, this time W_DISABLE signal is not asserted,

echo auto > ./1-1.1/power/control
echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/x-x/power/autosuspend_delay
(EM7455 modem is not in LPM but suspended)

By just above two commands device is going in sleep suddenly.

It look like after issuing W_DISABLE assert signal if i throw auto-suspend command device is not going in sleep suddenly and doing some process,

Can you please help me on this issue i want to configure the EM4755 modem in LPM during suspend mode and also device should go in sleep mode suddenly.

Thanks in advance,