EM7455 ccid driver

Port 6: Dev 15, If 6, Class=Chip/SmartCard, Driver=, 480M
        ID 1199:9079 Sierra Wireless, Inc. EM7455

is there a sierra driver for this?

did you try the MBPL USB driver?

What did you set for AT!USBCOMP?

set it through adb (usb_composition script, i updated for ccid), on the EM7455 device, in non-persistent mode, !USBCOMP doesnt show the mask, i dont think it will show the mask unless i set composition to default.

Config Index: 1                                                                                           │
Config Type:  1 (Generic)                                                                                 │
Interface bitmask: 0000010F (diag,adb,nmea,modem,rmnet0) 

APP : 9079
BOOT: 9078


9071, 9070
68A2, 68A2
68B1, 68B0
68C0, 68C0
9068, 9068


ill try the link.

on the EM7455 device, its at:
updated script:
echo diag,ffs,serial,ecm_qc,ccid > /sys/class/android_usb/android$num/functions

Not sure why you can have the adb port to config that, seems a bit out of the official release scope where you need to take own risk

in adb its non-persistent, if i do something wrong, i just reboot, and get back to original setup, also i lets me test different configs and see the traffic flow on the device ifconfig

in an official way, it is not supposing to change config via adb port

ok, ill have to look up the bitmasks for ccid

My guess is “no”. Or you would have found the driver in source.sierrawireless.com

I believe this function is unsupported by Sierra Wireless. But it’s most likely just this code: drivers/usb/gadget/f_ccid.c - kernel/msm.git - Git at Google

which implements a straight USB smartcard class function. This is normally handled by a userspace driver in Linux. See https://ccid.apdu.fr/ . I believe this is packaged by most distros. E.g the libccid pakcage in Debian.

Try it along with the opensc tools. Might even work.