EM7430 eMBMS support

Hello everybody,

in general the Snapdragon X7 Chipset in the EM7430 Module supports eMBMS, but is there away (Firmware) to enable eMBMS? On the Sierra Wireless Source page i didn´t found a proper Image.

Thanks in advance

At least, nas_get_embms_status_req_msg, nas_config_embms_req_msg, nas_get_embms_sig_req_msg QMI messages are supported in firmware. You can successfully enable or disable eMBMS functionalty, for example.
But it’s too hard to test this stuff in real world. The number of networks with eMBMS features implemented is extremely low worldwide.

BTW, what software would you suggest for eMBMS tests?

I am trying to test the eMBMS functionality as well. I have a working eMBMS test bed here, so I need to configure a EM7430 to receive the stream. I did not find anything in the Sierra Wireless developer guide on this topic nor does the API documentation contain MBMS. How can I send a nas_config_embms_req_msg message to the card?