EM 7511 Module in OMG2000

Hello, I am new to this cellular modem stuff. I volunteer at a small volunteer fire department in CA and I am trying to upgrade a Sierra Wireless OMG 2000 to use a Qualcomm E7511 modem, so we can get First net Band 14.

So far I have the card in the devise using a MiniPci to M2 converter.

I cannot get the OMG to recogonize the devise. Do I need to reflash the firmware or conduct a software upgrade?

I am currently running version 2.43

Hi @rlawrence,

You can first try this to check if OMG recognizes the card: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/omg/an-aircard-does-not-appear-as-installed/#sthash.ONxfQgCc.dpbs
If it can’t recognize, you may need to upgrade the OMG 2000 to the latest FW 3.15.1 so that proper driver for EM/MC cards is installed on the OMG. Then try the step above again.
Please help to tick “Solution” if this suggestion fixes your issue.