DS3 GCC/GDB path settings unset on new workspace


I’ve just noticed a minor feature in the current version of DS3.

When you create your initial workspace and set up the correct path to the Yocto GCC (via Window->Preferences->Developer Studio ->Tools preferences ->GCC/GDB paths preferences ->Legato Linux GCC toolchain location), then this value is NOT carried over if you start a new (clean) workspace - and thus the Legato Linux GCC options are not available in the New Project wizard.

Is this an oversight or by design? If it’s by design, then there needs to be some notes about this in the getting started - and a reminder that this value needs to be set in every new workspace that is opened.

Personally, my view is that if it’s been set once, then it should propagate through to new workspaces (the other two paths in the same area do). Although, that becomes an issue if you have more than one development toolchain.

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,

currently, path to the GCC toolchain (the ARM Linux one) is stored in a workspace preference, as we use the same toolchain whatever you’re using DS or the command line.
But this is not the definitive implementation.
Our plan for the next release is to bundle the toolchain in Developer Studio (as we made for the Open AT one), to help as much as possible the user to get started.
Meanwhile, for the release of the Legato beta, we have added some instructions in the Legato Getting Started document, in order to configure Developer Studio for Legato (toolchain path, and how to reference Legato Application Framework package).

Hi daav,

Thanks for the clarification. It’s just something to remember when starting a new workspace.

Ciao, Dave