DS 2.2.1 Heap Memory Status Window

Hi All,

Can anyone provide some information on the ‘-- free block --’ entries in the Heap Memory Status window in DS2.2.1?

Are they:
Free blocks that haven’t been dealt with by the Garbage Collector
Memory Leaks (i.e. pointer has gone out of scope before being released)?

Thanks, Dave

There is no garbage collector in Open AT OS; memory blocks can’t be moved as long as they are still allocated.
The free blocks are just memory blocks which have been freed (with adl_memRelease function).
Memory leaks can’t be detected with free blocks, since in this case the concerned blocks are still allocated (and never freed) blocks.

Hi Daav,

Thanks for the quick response.

So does this mean that over a long period of time the heap memory will become fragmented due to some blocks not being de-allocated for long periods of time?

If this is the case, will openAT eventually exception when adl_memGet() can’t get a requested block size because there are many free small blocks?

ciao, Dave

Unfortunately, yes to both questions.
That’s why the memory management of the application has to be designed carefully, with the help of this Heap Memory view to get a snapshot of the memory allocations.