Download Sample: MSVC Warning C4311:


The relevant source is:

/* Check for downloaded application */
        if ( !dwl_IsAnAppliDownloaded( ( u32 ) pData ) )    // warning C4311
            return sReturn;
        /* Check open result */
        if ( !dwl_StorageInit ( ( u32 ) pData ) )           // warning C4311
            TRACE (( dwl_TraceLevel, "Cell subscription error" ));
            return sReturn;

pData is one of the function parameters:

s8 dwl_Upload   ( u8 DwlType, u32 Length, u8 * pData, u8 FlowID, ascii * FileName, ascii * FilePath )

It seems that this is just to do with portability between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows:

For some reason, my Visual Studio project has this warning enabled; /Wp64 is selected in the C++ General options: … ref_73.asp

I created the project using the Open-AT Project Wizard, and haven’t touched the options, so why would this warning be enabled?

I presume it’s safe to just disable it, as I don’t have any 64-bit Windows systems…? :question: