Compiling problems


When I build my project, I get the following warning :
c:\sample\gprs\src\appli.c(101) : warning C4113: ‘unsigned short (__cdecl *)(unsigned short ,unsigned char *,int )’ differs in parameter lists from ‘void (__cdecl *)(unsigned short ,int )’

I have this on lin 101 :
(s8) (ed_SocketTCPStart(ED_ID_TCPSOCKET_2, 0,(ed_ResponseCbk_f)socketResponse, (ed_DataHandler_f)RxHandler, (ed_DataHandler_f)TxHandler ));

Where is the problem?
I am using gcc, oat 3.01


Hi migabi,

The third function parameter should be of type ed_DataRequest_f and not ed_DataHandler_f, so it should be:

(s8) (ed_SocketTCPStart(ED_ID_TCPSOCKET_2, 0,(ed_ResponseCbk_f)socketResponse, (ed_DataHandler_f)RxHandler, (ed_DataRequest_f)TxHandler ));

And you should make sure that TxHandler is defined appropriately…

Best Regards,