DOTA - file checking?

The documentation on adl_adInstall is rather short. Can you give me some advice.
Does the adl_adInstall function provide integrity checking on the file it is asked to install before proceeding? I know it can fail the install and give an error back, nut what sort of checks does it apply? Is it usual to do more checking on the file as part of the download process?
I have a TCP/IP server running and a log of data in the FSU. A client currently logs in , sends a command and receives the requested data back. Would sending the new app on the same link be a bad idea? (this is where I started thinking about file checking). Or would it be a better idea to use ftp as in the DOTA example?

Does anybody else bother with the fall-back upgrade option? as discussed by
or are things generally reliable?
I suppose it also depends on the quality of your new app too!

This is rather disturbing (from the adl_adWrite desciption)

so any binary data in a cell that happens to be 0xFF may get corrupted?