Does DMNR work on devices connected to GX440 via wifi?

We have a number of Sierra Wireless GX440 and GX450 gateways mounted in ambulances, providing connections to wifi laptops and heart monitors.

I’m getting ready to implement Verizon Private Network, and Dynamic Mobile Network Routing (DMNR) appears to have some attractive capabilities. Specifically, I’d like to allow my laptops and heart monitors to roam across ambulances. Today, I have to have a different SSID on each ambulance gateway, in order to prevent devices from jumping from one gateway to another in a multi-ambulance scene. (This would cause unacceptable connection interruptions as devices switched gateways, received a new IP address, reauthenticated with the dispatch server, etc. What I’d like instead is for each our of mobile devices to be able to connect to any ambulance gateway (same SSID on all) and keep its IP address.

DMNR seems to enable that. BUT…

There’s a disclaimer in the ALEOS configuration guide about DMNR that says “Primary Access Mode DMNR is supported on Ethernet LANs. DMNR is not supported on Wi-Fi bridged to Ethernet (Bridge Wi-Fi to Ethernet).”

QUESTION: That sounds like DMNR won’t work for devices connected to the GX gateway via wifi. Is that correct? If not, I’d be curious why not.

To clarify. I’ve attached a PDF with a network diagram.

VPN client roaming.pdf (145 KB)

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