Display Network place(CELL ID) in GSM

hi sir,

Iam using Q2687rd v7.44 GSM module
in this module how can i display the Network area location(CELL ID ) when GPRS is connected in my application.
what at commands it refers.

please suggest me with beautiful quote.

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Then send:


You will then receive something like:

+CREG: 2,1,"2AAC","7E12"

Where 2AAC is the Location Area Code and 7E12 is the cell ID .

See also AT+CCED

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how can i convert the location area code into area name to display

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You would have to subscribe to some service for that.

stackoverflow.com/questions/8218 … -databases

Instead, a nice document can be found here:


Hope this helps.

Yes, the document describes the process - but it still relies upon some 3rd-party to provide the data.

FWIW, I found the Google service to give only very coarse results - within a couple of thousand metres radius. And Google were entirely unhelpful in discussing this - unless I would commit to a major, large-scale commercial deployment…