Disable ZeroCD to enable 3G modem Com port with an Arduino

Hi guies,

We badly need to get around the ZeroCD feature of the legacy 88x Sierra Wireless 3G AirCard in order to have access to the modem Com port with an Arduino.


Arduino (Atmega328P) and its USB host port can’t see nor managed the booting CD drive of a Sierra Wireless USB key. Consequently, the driver seems to be missing and the AT command Com port never shows up.

Is Sierra Wireless has an AT command (alike Huawei U2^DIAG=0) to disable the CD drive and make the Com port appears to NON Window/Linux/Mac USB host?

If not, is there a way that our Arduino sends “blind” a booting sequence to put the modem in USB Mode Switch?


Thanks for any reply.


Since April 2013, all AirCard Mobile Broadband Devices are marketed, sold and supported by NETGEAR, Inc. Please consult support.netgear.com


Thank you but no answer available on Netgear.