Disable a band through EM7455 Linux Gobinet/Gobiserial driver

I want to permanently disable a BAND on EM7455. I have already tried user defined BAND set using AT!BAND.

Can I disable a band through Linux Gobinet/Gobiserial driver?

didn’t you can send AT!BAND command in GobiSerial driver?

AT!BAND requires creation of a new band set. I am unable to create a generic band set that will work for all operators.
example “All bands” mask is not constant

00, All bands 0002000007C00000 000000000000101A 0000000000000000

Can you provide an example of a generic band set mask that excludes any specific band (for example B30)?

you already disable B30 in LMask in your AT!BAND

“ALL BANDS” mask changes when I use a SIM from different operator or switch the firmware.
The previous instance does not have B30 enables.

Please check the following,
Index, Name, GW Band Mask L Band Mask TDS Band Mask
00, All bands 0002000007C00000 00000100030818DF 0000000000000000

00000100030818DF also disabled B30

This is to disable B20:

Will it work for every firmware/operator?
for example the following one. (it has B30)
Index, Name, GW Band Mask L Band Mask TDS Band Mask
00, All bands, 0002000007C00000 00000100330818DF 0000000000000000

you can try: