Direct UART1 via TCP/IP


I want to be able to access registers on a PLC connected to UART1 of my ‘Fastrack Supreme 10’ via the Internet.

That is; I am advancing from:
[PLC-UART1] <-> [PC-UART1]
[PLC-UART1] <-> [Fastrack-UART1][Fastrack-GPRS] <-> [PC-INTERNETSERVER]

Basically I want the simplest way to make the Fastrack act as a transparent interface, directly passing requests and responses between the Server and PLC. Clearly the Fastrack would need to be able to establish the connection to the Server as the Server will have no idea what the Fastrack’s GPRS IP will be when it connects.

I have been wading through documentation and forum posts for days, but for all the dispersed information and jargon, I remain a little foggy about the simplest way to approach this. I figure it must be a pretty common application, so I don’t want to manually code a WIP API application if one is readily available or the same facility can be easily achieved with WIPSoft, LUA, etc.

If WIP API is going to be the fastest route to development, perhaps you could suggest or provide some code samples which are relevant to this, as it doesn’t look like the SDK samples have a lot of FCM use.

Many thanks - it’s hard to know how thorough I’ve been in investigating the best route so I want to make sure I’m not missing the straightest path. Anything that can demystify this a little would be greatly appreciated.


I want to make a simular application.
Have you got a solution yet?