Dial up connection issues with Windows 7

Dear All,

For some application, I need to use a Wavecom FS20 as a dial up modem froma windows based PC.
I have done this without any problem on WinXP:

  • define a standard modem 56000bps
  • create a dial up connection
  • launch the connection and it owrked

I did the same thing with Win7. I can talk to the modem when using AT command through Putty.
I can create the standard modem and the dial up connection but every time I try to lauch the connection I got the Error 633 : modem already in use or not properly configured.
I checkecd and double checked there is no other program using the modem.
I removed and recreated the modem and connection, no improvment.

Any idea welcome!



If this is the case then some or the other process is using the modem.Just check once in the Windows task manager(Process Tab)


Does this still work on Win7: blog.antronics.co.uk/2010/10/15/ … indows-xp/ :question:

Yes, it still works on Windows 7

Yes, this still works on Win 7.

To give you more details about my problem, The serial port is not even open from the PC.
I checked it with Portmon.

And the error message pops up very shortly after I click on the CONNET button.

I suspect a Win7 error but I have no idea how to solve this.

Did anyone else try to mae a dial up connecion with a mGSM modme and Win7 32 bit?