Developer Day 2013

Thanks to those of you who participated to our inaugural Sierra Wireless Developer Day, last June-14 in Paris!

If you missed it, all the presentations, photos (and soon videos as well) are available here.

Any feedback or comment? Reply in this thread.


Thanks Thibs, was a great event, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was nice to meet fellow devs and put a face to a name!

Thanks Tom! It was awesome, indeed. I feel we better know each others now.
Did you see pictures of you ? :slight_smile: You did a great presentation and demo!
… and the video soon… :wink:


Yes, it was a great time - and great to put faces to forum ids!


I thoroughly enjoyed the day too - it was good to put faces to names and see what other people were doing. I had a great time and learnt a lot.

Lots of Kudos to Thibs for all the effort he (and his team) put into organizing it. Hopefully he’s recovered now - he was looking quite worn out by Friday evening!

ciao, Dave

Thanks fellow devvers, thibs, team, it really were a good and inspirational, couple of days. :smiley:

really looking forward to the video’s as well.

Thanks Guys! We’ll do even better next year!
And meanwhile, we need to improve our dev zone, as we said :slight_smile:


Hopefully there won’t be any last-minute problems with flights next year…