See you at EWC next week?

Hi there,

Sierra Wireless will be attending the Embedded World Congress in Nuremberg next week (Feb-25-27).

I’ll be happy to meet with you at our booth (1465 Hall C) and/or invite you to a dinner with developers (customers and partners) on Wed evening – limited number of places.

Anyone interested?



Would be nice … but it’s a bit far away :frowning:

ciao, Dave

Would indeed be nice - but really busy at the moment.

Really must get to this show one year … it’s not really that far from here!

Dave: I don’t think it is worth the trip form Australia! :slight_smile:
Andy: I think it is worth the trip from UK :slight_smile: Next year maybe?

At least, I’ll get an invite soon for you guys for the Dev Day in June! :slight_smile:

See you soon





Hi Thibs,

Yep, it’s a long way. Unfortunately, there’s never very much like EWS or similar down here…

Cool. I need to start looking at flights etc soon if I’m going to make it.

Yep, it’s your turn to come down here…

ciao, Dave

Sweet… Hope no air traffic controller strikes this year…