Debug if remote device needs diff IPR on read/write


Threre is a device that needs 300 baud rate on write operation and 1200 baud on read with serial port.

What should I do to exchange data with this device and Fatrack Supreme 10?

  1. To write data => Send AT+IPR=300, wait “OK”, adl_fcmSubscribe(), adl_fcmSwitchV24State() to data mode and then adl_fcmSendData().

  2. To Read data => adl_fcmSwitchV24State() to AT mode, adl_fcmUnsubscribe() to close and unsubscribe connection, Send AT+IPR=1200, wait “OK”, adl_fcmSubscribe(), adl_fcmSwitchV24State() to data mode and wait data at BusFcmDataHandler() (my data hander).

Question 1. Is it right sequence? Will data come to BusFcmDataHandler() ? I ask because there is no separate function to get data from bus.

Question 2. I work with OpenAT SDK tools: Target Monitoring Tool and Terminal Emulator. With other device I can see traces and data exchange when both modem and my devices connected to PC. But devices have constant baud rate and I don’t know how to change IPR dynamically with theese tools. Does new M2M Studio support this? If not are there some advices to debug my app with modem and devices?


Sierra Wireless really don’t support “split” baudrates like this - this may be a case where an external microcontroller really would be a better idea?

Or possibly an external UART connected by I2C or SPI?

I’m not sure that you actually need to unsubscribe - just switching to AT mode may be sufficient?

You can’t, AFAIK.

I think you really need to use a separate UART (either UART2 or USB) to debug this!

The M2MStudio Target Management is acknowledged to be broken

See above - use a separate UART.

Hi awneil,
Thanks for reply.

Could you please explain me some definitions?
I use Fastrack Supreme 10 and it has 1 serial port to exchange data with external devices.

What is UART2 means for this modem?
When I subscribe to UART2 with adl_fcmSubscribe(ADL_FCM_FLOW_V24_UART2…), how a modem exhanges data? Does it use one cable to exchange data on UART1 and UART2? How can I setup external program to use modem UART1 to debug and UART2 to exchange data with external device?

Or there is no UART2 in Supreme 10?

Sorry if it really simple but I can’t understand it without help.

UART2 is available via the expansion connector using an “IESM” plug-in card. Contact your Distributor for details…