Debian process has hundreds of processes

I am using the EM7455 using the GobiNet and GobiSerial device drivers. I am using the Sprint network.

I typed ps -e and I see hundreds of redundant processes including gobi0-2-1:1.8, probe0-2-1:1.8 and readcb0-2-1:1.8.

32273 ? 00:00:00 gobi0-2-1:1.8
32274 ? 00:00:00 probe0-2-1:1.8
32275 ? 00:00:00 readcb0-2-1:1.8
32284 ? 00:00:00 gobi0-2-1:1.8
32285 ? 00:00:00 probe0-2-1:1.8
32286 ? 00:00:00 readcb0-2-1:1.8

Are these defunc processes? I am concerned that the OS is overloaded.

Hi curry-te,

Yes, they are. You can restart the Linux PC or use the sudo kill PID command to kill processes that you are not using.

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Thanks Donald,
I am afraid that I will kill the current kernel’s 3 processes if I kill them all. I don’t want to reboot. I want to learn more about why these defunc processes are still hanging around.

I also have many bioset. I researched these and found that these are block I/O processes from the kernel. Are these generated from the GobiNet and GobiSerial, too. Can the Sierra firmware/kernel folks clean these defunc processes up instead of us customers having to do it?

I did more research of these rouge processes and found that they don’t appear to be defunct (or zombies).
I typed: ps -ef | grep defunct
None of these “hundreds of processes” have the word defunct next to it. Are these child processes from kernel threads? I tried to "kill -9 "as root but they will not die.

root 2 0 0 Mar25 ? 00:00:01 [kthreadd]
root 74 2 0 Mar25 ? 00:00:00 [bioset]
root 32421 2 0 Mar29 ? 00:00:00 [readcb0-2-1:1.8]
root 32619 2 0 Mar30 ? 00:00:00 [probe0-2-1:1.8]

all of the threads have the same parent, PPID, which is [kthread] with the PID of 2.

You cannot kill kernel threads. Killing a thread in the middle of kernel code would corrupt the system as the kernel code may be holding an important resource at the time, such as a spin lock or mutation, and killing it would prevent those resources from being released.

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Thanks Donald for doing that research.

Is there a way to open a bug report on these hundreds of kernel processes? I have a concern that my small embedded processor running debian will suffer. As a software developer, I would be embarrassed if my kernel code was having all of these processes running. I feel that Sierra should work with other partners to resolve this issue.

Hi curry-te,

Which GobiNet and GobiSerial device drivers version are you using?
If you are not in the latest driver version, please download the latest one ( S2.41N2.61) and retry.,-d-,41n2,-d-,61/#sthash.HQJ3TrEF.dpbs