Control the RRC request interval

I am trying to find a method to increase the RRC request interval on EM7455.

In every minute, EM7455 should not send more than 1 RRC request.

Is there any configuration variable/AT command to control the RRC request interval?

Hi @akn,
I cannot find any AT command for adjusting the value. If you still want to change it let consider using the outside app to design the module basing on your testing purpose

Could you please provide some more information on this?

Hi @akn,
As my previous comment, the module doesn’t support to adjust that value so we have nothing to do. You can think about disconnecting the COM port then reconnecting it again to control the module sends 1 RRC request every minute. The tool for disconnect/reconnect COM port can be searched by GG. That is the idea (not solution) you can refect on. Please help tick Solution if the question is answerd


As Vianney has said there is no command to do this RRC is low level signaling performed between the unit and the network which cannot/must not be controlled by the application. You can indirectly increase the activity by starting and stopping data sessions.