Connecting Wavecom USB modem to Internet with Windows XP


Hi there

Not too sure if this is the correct forum section to post this, but here goes anyways.

I have a system (windows xp embedded) into which I will be plugging a Wavecom USB modem. What we would like to achieve with this modem is (using visual basic 6), is to create an internet connection using the modem, do our http/ftp transactions, and then hangup the modem.

Having just received the modem, I am currently stuck on installing the thing, and then getting it to connect to the internet.

Note Does not find driver, and I have not been able to get it to install

Can anyone help me please? Or point me in the right direction.

I found a link on the internet to a document detailing the installation of a “Wavecom USB drivers Installation”, yet I cannot find the install files to use (link to pdf).

Any help would be greatly apprecited.


South Africa



After fruitlessly scouring the internet, someone I know sent me a zip file of the drivers.

After installing the drivers, installing the device was a snap. Then I just had to create a dialup connection so that the software could connect to the internet. Here is how I did just incase anyone else wants to do it.

Firstly, I had to remove the PIN off the SIM so that it would connect to the GSM network on its own without needing any assistance. I just put the SIM card into my Nokia N70 phone and switched off the PIN under Security.

[size=85]Note These settings apply to Vodacom Cellular Provider in South Africa. They might work for you, they might not.[/size]

  1. Right-click on My Network Places on the desktop and choose Properties.

  2. Choose New Connection Wizard, and click Next

  3. Choose Connect to the Internet, click Next

  4. Choose Set up my connection manually, click Next

  5. Choose Connect using a dial-up modem, click Next

  6. Select the WAVECOM modem

  7. Enter a ISP name for the Dial-up connection. I chose Vodacom because thats my service provider

  8. Enter the phone number. I use 99**1#.

  9. On the Internet Account Information screen, I made all options blank. Click Next and Finish up.

  10. The connection window should appear, you can dial now.

You will now have a new Dial-up connection in your network places