+CME ERROR: 30 as answer for AT+CCED

Hi everybody,

I am getting an error when I use AT+CCED=0,2. (I would like to check for neighbor cells…). I already looked into the AT commands specification for the OS version used, and it looks like that this function should still exist. Also error 30 means “No network service” - but that’s not true, since I got +CREG: 1!!! Also, I am able to establish a call from the module.

[10:58:56] at+cpin=1234
[10:58:56] OK
[10:58:56] +CREG: 2
[10:58:57] +WBCI: 3,3857
[10:59:00] +CREG: 1,"5005","7F1E"
[10:59:03] at+cced=0,1;+cced=0,4;+cced=0,2
[10:59:03] +CCED: 262,01,5005,7f1e,27,27,21,,,0,,,0
[10:59:03] +CCED: 3
[10:59:03] +CME ERROR: 30
[10:59:05] +WIND: 16
[10:59:05] +WIND: 4
[10:59:05] +WIND: 10,"EN",0
[10:59:07] +WBCI: 3,3861
[10:59:09] at+cced=0,1
[10:59:09] +CCED: 262,01,5005,7f1e,27,27,21,,,4,,,0
[10:59:09] OK
[10:59:17] +WBCI: 3,3853
[10:59:19] at+cced=0,4
[10:59:19] +CCED: 3
[10:59:19] OK
[10:59:26] +WBCI: 3,3853
[10:59:29] at+cced=0,2
[10:59:29] +CME ERROR: 30
[10:59:36] +WBCI: 3,3853

this was done on a Q2686 core firmware version 6.61.

The AT+CCED=0,2 works on a Q2400A RoHS module with firmware version 3.44a:

[11:10:39] at+cced=0,2
[11:10:39] +CCED: 262,02,0200,4025,33,51,13,262,02,0200,2437,60,57,13,262,02,0200,243d,62,725,9
[11:10:39] OK
[11:10:46] ati3
[11:10:46] 344a09gm.Q2400A 1375060 051506 11:14
[11:10:46] OK

Could this be a core firmware bug???

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It is not. It seems to be a new feature that an ERROR 30 is returned if there are no neighbor cells. Above I mistakenly used 2 SIM cards of not the same provider - so in one case there were neighbor cells, in the other there are none…

However, in earlier versions of the core firmware the response in case that there are no other cells in the neighborhood, the response was:


And I was not able to find any information on the error return code in the AT commands specification for the firmware 6.61

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