Cant see newly created virtual resource

I’ve created a new Virtual Resource on a device but I cannot see it in the resource tree. The device has connected and sent events.

The VR I created is seen in the JSON for config, but hasn’t populated on the event tree.

The VR I’m trying to create is called ProfileName below:

Hi Lachlan
Can you copy contents of virtual/config and then paste it in a response using “```” so that json is rendered correctly

For example like this

  "DX_CMD": {
    "dt": 4,
    "v": {
  "System_Test": {
    "dt": 4

Hello Lachlan,

Could you check to see if Developer Mode is switched on?

Sorry I didn’t post a resolution to this.

The resources ended up appearing in the resource tree. I’m not sure what determines the time it takes for them to show up, but it seemed that this instance took particularly long.

Hi Lachlan,

Was developer mode set to on when this happened?

I assume so, I usually work with dev mode on