Cannot debug application through Developer Studio


I am currently working on updating an application for a GX450. In the past I could debug through the app in Developer studios and step through the code to see where any issues may lie but I am not able to do so anymore.

When I click the debug button the progress bar on the bottom says “Launching application” and gets stuck at 96% every time. I then get a pop up window that says “Process “Application_192.168.14.31” takes too long to connect to IDE…” The only option is to click Cancel.

Is this a known issue with Developer Studios?

Am I missing something obvious to enable the ability to debug?

Both my GX450 and Developer studios are up to date. (4.9.0 and 2.0.0 respectively)

Thank you,

Looks like I may have solved the issue.

I moved the folder that contained Developer Studio and as such it seems windows firewall was no longer allowing the connection to the device for the debugger. After updating my firewall settings I can debug again!