BX310X, DHCP server

I have two questions.

  1. We are expecting to setup communication between smartphone and BX310X.
    -. Smartphone : TCP client, wifi station mode (* not use wifi direct mode)
    -. BX310X : TCP server, wifi AP mode
    However, the bottleneck is BX310X should have DHCP server function fot above use case.
    Please guide that BX310X support this or Not.

  2. In case that we use HW flow contorl over UART, what will be the maxmum speed ?


you can obtain the answer in PTS of BX310x

Woudl you more elaborate this since I can’t find any solution in PTS.

From PTS:

Page 15:

IP configuration—IP address in STA mode via DHCP or static assignment

Page 30:

The UART interface is configurable via AT commands:
• Default configuration—115200 (baudrate), 8 bit, no parity, no handshaking
• Baudrate considerations:
· Maximum supported—5 Mbaud
· Maximum tested—3 Mbaud. This is the maximum baudrate supported by the
BX310x Dev Kit FTDI converter IC.
· HW handshaking is recommended above rates of 1 Mbaud and can be
enabled via AT command (AT&K3).
· Common baud rates are supported—any baud rate in the supported range
can be selected via AT+IPR=<uart_baud_rate> command.