BX3100/BX3105 and A2DP support

It is easy enough to find documentation that the BX3100/BX3105 supports the A2DP profile and has I2S I/O but I haven’t found an example of enabling it, and have had poor luck having it “just connect” with either my iPhone or Android phone. There is plenty documentation on using the BX310x AT commands for SPP, and the BC127 has many commands dedicated to A2DP . Is there any additional documentation on A2DP options, enabling A2DP , hints on configuring A2DP (etc.) ? What basic concept or fundamental assumption might we be missing? Are there control switches or should it “just work”?

Although we are now looking at alternate solutions, others might find the following useful clue.
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we5Re_CmJ4c](50 second Youtube on “BX3105 A2DP BLE IPHON”)