BX3105 is there a way to discover remote BT name?


Hi All,

I am starting to use the BX3105 development kit, and I can perform a BT inquiry and get inquiry responses, however the inquiry responses do not include the BT name of the discovered devices, only their BT address, Class of Device, and RSSI:

+SRBTINQ: <bt_addr>, <device_class>,

Ideally I would like the BT name of the remote device in order to present it to the user since most users don’t know the BT address of their devices they wish to connect to :slight_smile:

Other BT modules I have used provide the BT name as a part of the inquiry, or have an option to include it. Other BT modules I have used provide a command to allow you to request the BT name from a BT address in case the device does not return a name in the inquiry.

Have I missed something obvious or is there really no way to get a BT name from discovered devices with the BX3105?

Thanks for your help



This is going to be introduced in a later revision, it may well be in the P1 release which is due to be generally released on the FOTA server in the next week or so. Couple of points about this.

  • If your unit was manufactured after February then you will be able to upgrade it to the latest greatest, if not then you will need new hardware.
  • The link to the FOTA server is below, its all free of charge, you just need to give the BX an internet connection over WiFi, create your usier account, add the unit to it, set the job off and trigger it to connect. There is a getting started guide on the site.





Thanks Matt, good to know, now I have only just bought the development kit, but I can’t see anything that tells me when it was manufactured, how can I tell?



There is no way to tell externally or through AT commands (one of the lessons learnt by the project team), we can tell through the serial or MAC numbers, however, in all probability since you have only just acquired it then it will be upgrade-able.

If you want to push the numbers through the disti to get a definitive yes/no you can.




Hee hee, well I guess it depends how long it has sat on the shelf at the distributors!

Serial number: X2745400091201
MAC address: ?unknown?

It seems AT+MACADDR? gives ERROR


Ah but AT+SRWCFG? gives

+SRWCFG: 3,0,“20:fa:bb:20:0d:9c”,“20:fa:bb:20:0d:9d”

So MAC address: “20:fa:bb:20:0d:9d”



Just had it checked out and that one cannot be upgraded unfortunately, its too old.




Rats, it was new to me yesterday! I have contacted our distributor to ask for a replacement … thanks for all your help …