BX310 Bluetooth-Audio (Clasic) in Master-Mode

I could use the module as a slave (Bluettoth-headset) and connect it to my smartphone.
But this is not the mode in which we want to use the module.
It should be programmed as master to connect to Bluetooth headsets.
Is the module suitable for this? If so, how do I program it in master mode?

Hi @shahram.mehdipour

You can use AT+SRBLEADV=1 command (Start BLE advertising) to program as a master.

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Hi, Donald,
The master mode is needed in classic mode to connect the module to Bluetooth headsets to transmit audio in both directions.
We also use the module in BLE mode to scan for iBeacon.
Scanning for iBeacon works. But I have not been able to pair the module with a headset in classic mode (audio).
I formulate my question more concretely. How do I pair the module in Clasic mode with a headset to transmit audio in both directions.

Hi @shahram.mehdipour

It does not support this case.