Bus Read API

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In the Bus Service API, adl_busread( ), One of the parameter is *
pAcessmode which is a structure, it consists of Opcode and Address
I want to know, what for is it used.

In SPI bus, it is specifed as

For 2403A, One byte can be sent through Opcode parameter.
Two byte can be sent through Address Parameter.

For 2406B, upto 32 bits can be sent through Opcode and address parameter.

For 2400A, in older they have not specified, but in higher version, it is specified as same as 2406B.

What do this mean? ? Please suggest me .

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I am also facing the same problem. If it is clear to anybody then please suggest.

I dont know about opcode but you should set address to your first command that you are sending through SPI, and data goes to the data parameter (if you are writing) of busRead function. Wavecom will frame this transaction in one chipselect signal.

I just declare

adl_busAccess_t SPI_Access = {0, 0, 0, 0, ADL_BUS_SIZE_BYTE};

and use SPI_Access everywhere I call adl_busRead or adl_busWrite. The last two parameters to adl_busRead or adl_busWrite are the only thing that changes in my code.

adl_busAccess_t really isn’t for SPI as much as it’s for I2C and parallel.