Builder error--two resources of same name


Hi. I’m getting an Internal Builder error:

**** Rebuild of configuration [Target]_RVDS_Release for project FileSystemLib-2.21 ****

**** Internal Builder is used for build ****
Build error
Generated resource conflict:
two resources of the same name: /FileSystemLib-2.21/[Target]_RVDS_Release/modules/sys/sysnvram.o
generated by different tools
tool1: RVDS C Compiler
tool2: RVDS C Compiler

This is an M2M Studio 1.1.1 project that I’m attempting to import into Developer Studio 2.1.0. The entire workspace consists of 4 library projects and 1 application project which uses the libraries. Three of the libraries imported and built OK. This library and and the application do not build due to this error.

I’ve got the latest updates for Developer Studio.

Does anyone have any clue as to where I begin looking for the problem that is causing this?



Quite strange error, and probably due to the import…
Project structure has indeed changed between 1.1.1 and 2.1.0, so normally projects are automatically converted to the new system.
But it’s true that the conversion can have troubles, especially if you try to convert them all at the same time (e.g. by directly opening the “old” workspace with DS 2.1.0)
Suggestions and clues:

  • did you try starting DS 2.1.0 with a fresh new workspace, and import the projects one by one from the old workspace, making sure at each step that the conversion was successful?
  • can you imagine something particular in the settings of the project which can’t build (WRT. to the other library projects which were converted successfully)?
  • as a last resort, if the project settings are not too complex, the easiest way will be probably to recreate a new project and import sources in it… But I can understand that you prefer trying the conversion before!


I could not open the old workspace directly. Developer Studio failed with a null pointer exception. Yes, I started with a fresh workspace and imported the projects using the File…Import…Existing Developer Studio projects selection.

The other projects that imported and built successfully did not include any references to the Open AT OS package that we were using which is 6.21 (R73a firmware for the Q2687G). I have not installed that package because I cannot see it in Package Manager in the default repository. In what repository can I find the 6.21 Open AT OS package from the 2.21 Open AT Embedded Software Suite? Maybe that’s a problem for the builder.

The failing projects are fairly complex since we had to use resource links to source directories and then define those as source directories. I would not want to have to recreate all those if I didn’t have to.



Indeed, you probably should restore your packages installation before trying to import the project.
It’s true that legacy versions (before 2.31) are not populated on the update site. So either you have kept somewhere the executable installer of the software suite 2.21, or you should ask for it to your distributor.
Once you’ll have recover it, simply add a new archive repository from the package manager, and point on the exe file: you’ll be able then to install the packages.