Bridging wlan0 and eth0 with talon WiFi exp IoT module

We are trying to bridge eth0 and wlan0 with the new release of the FX30 firmware but I am having some problems. First of all this is working fine with the R14, we can add the wlan0 and eth0 to br0 bridge and then remove the routes for wlan0 and eth0. Now the two interfaces are bridged together on subnet.

With the R15 release instead, we can still bring up the wlan0 and to add it to the br0 together with eth0, but then we lose connectivity with both interfaces.

We have one client connected on the wired interface and one on he wireless interface, they will need to exchange data and are working on the same subnet, I did add a topic on the legato forum but this seems more related with the R15 release and so possibly fitting better here?