Break signals over UART


Is there any way to transmit a break signal over UART2? I’m trying to interface a Q24Plus with a meter via RS232 and it requires a break signal to wake the meter up.



If you find a way, I’d also be interested to know it!

One suggestion I’ve seen is:


I came up with a pretty nasty way of doing it, but it works for my purpose at least!

I disable UART2, subscribe to GPO 2 (which is multiplexed with UART2’s transmit line), manually create the break signal then unsubscribe from GPO 2 and re-enable UART2.

Your method of switching baud rate seems quite a lot simpler though… Heh


Same topic different problem…

Has anyone else had problems with break signals (or what attached equipment perceives to be a break signal) being generated when increasing the UART2 baud rate? Say from 9600bps to 38400bps.