Blocking Functions


Is there any way to code blocking functions ?

Use Lua?

I can’t… so there is no way ?

I don’t think so - the whole event-driven paradigm of Open-AT is essentially non-blocking.

Why do you think you want (a) blocking function(s) :question:


If you are using the new Q26 series or WCPU please look at the Semaphore services, maybe it could be useful for you. But if you tell us what is your goal, maybe we can help you more.



sorry for my late reply, I forgot checking “Notify me when a reply is posted” :slight_smile:

I redesigned app as “event driven state machine”, so I do not need blocking functions anymore…

thank you for your replies…


It generally tends to make things far easier if you work with the tools, rather than trying to fight against them! 8)