Best coverage compatibility for LTE module

Hi. We have a small fleet of vehicle tracking devices that use old 2G M2M modules. These devices perform online tracking of trucks with reports every 30 seconds, wherever the trucks are. As 2G is phasing out, we need to replace them with new technology, either 3G or LTE. We need advise on how to select the appropriate modules because we’re confused with the different standards involved.

For our application we use UDP (low rate), SMS and USSD. As we cover a large area of operation (Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica), we’ve used Quad Band 2G modems in the past. We don’t use one single operator but all of them (with a white SIM that does roaming). As you can see, we need to be able to register to any existing cell towers, ranging from old GSM+2G to LTE.

We don’t have the knowledge to tell if a product like HL7588 for example will be able to connect only to an LTE-cell, or if it does have the equivalent capability of a four band 2G GSM module and will connect to an old 2G cell tower as well.

We’d like to know how to choose the modules, as this GSM+2G+3GPP+HSPA+UMTS+LTE mixture is very confusing. Summing it up:

  • Our priority is BEST cell tower coverage, regardless of the operator and protocol generation.
  • Operators have a mix of 2G+3G+LTE towers and we need to be able to connect to ANY of them (there are remote locations where not even 3G was implemented).
  • We need to operate in Argentina, Uruguay and Costa Rica. In the past we had that covered with quad band 2G modules.
  • We need all three ways of communication: UDP (very low rate), SMS and USSD.
  • We need a product life of at least 8 years; we are unsure if 3G is upwards compatible with LTE, for instance. Should 3G phase out, will 3G modules be able to talk to LTE towers?

Thanks in advance,

Guillermo Prandi

Hello Guillermo Prandi,
Regarding cell selection ,all of SWI mdoules follow 3GPP network selection algorithm and 3G mdoules will not be compatible to latch on 4G only area.
You can visit and refer different 3G/4G solutions by SWI and also refer to PTS(Product Technical Specification) of modules.


Thank you!