BC127 w. 6.1.5, iPhone connects AVRCP but not sound

I’ve designed a car bluetooth receiver using the BC127, and have an issue which seems to have gotten worse with later Melody firmwares for the BC127 (I started with Melody 5 at first).

It works flawlessly with Android, but on iPhones it often connects and sends AVRCP media info, but the sound comes from the speaker on the iPhone and not through bluetooth, very annoying :slight_smile: Tested both using an iphone 6 and a brand new iphone 8.

Sometimes we have got it to work by disabling/re-enabling bluetooth on the iPhones, but often it simply won’t work.

Does anybody recognize this issue? I’m thinking I’m controlling the BC127 incorrectly in some way, after a connection is established, but I can’t figure out what the pitfall might be.


So on the iPhone does it specifically come up stating the Bluetooth is connected for calls and media? Again on the iPhone are you not able to choose the

When you have the issue can you send the below commands to the BC127 (I suggest you put the full script in a code window when posting it)?