BC127 USB to Host


I would like to be able to use USB to do field FW updates to my company’s BC127 based Bluetooth product.

I see in the documentation that you must do a write and reset to the “USB_HOST” property over UART and, and then I assume I will be able to interact with the BC127 over USB and do FW updates .

The problem is there is not much else information on the USB_HOST setting, and I am concerned about reliability as some have reported here they are not able to do USB operations once they enable USB_HOST.

Is there more information about this feature somewhere? Does this require special CSR drivers or anything like that?



I would avoid using the USB interface for Firmware upgrades, unless you have an MCU speaking to the BC127 over UART. The reason being is that configurations are often reset after a firmware upgrade, so after one upgrade, you’d loose the ability to speak to the BC127 over USB.

I would suggest using an FT232RL as the interface for firmware upgrades.