BC127 I2S Master clocks


I would like to use the BC127 as an I2S master generating bit and word clocks continuously. The BC127 only outputs the I2S clocks when an A2DP stream is playing from my phone to the BC127.

I would like to output the bit and word clocks all the time, not only when there is an A2DP stream playing from my phone tot the BC127. Is there a way to configure the BC127 to do that?
I haven’t seen any command in the documentation to do it.

Thank you


I don’t beleive there is a way to do this in the same way as it is not possible with the WWAN modems either in that they only turn the interface on when it is required. Why do you want it on all the time?



My application requires that I feed a microcontroller with an I2S feed (originating from an A2DP stream) to record an audio track in Flash memory.

When I play back the recorded audio track on headphones from the microcontroller to BC127 with I2S, the A2DP stream is not playing and the I2S master clocks are not activated. For the playback to work, I need the I2S clocks always activated even if there is no A2DP stream feeding the BC127 module.


Is there a way to activate the I2S clocks when the I2S slave (microcontroller) sends I2S data to the BC127 acting as a I2S master?