BC127-HD CVC License Problem?



I bought a BC127-HD from digikey with the following address and licenses:

APTX=3D6C EB29 FC65 EA03 0000
CVC=3465 57F8 42AE FC81 0000

Normal operation in HFP works fine, but after I enable CVC with the commands


No audio from the microphone is transfered any more. Are there other commands that I have to use to make CVC work?
For me it seems strange that the CVC license is the same that I got after using the CVC-Enabler on other devices.

Is the CVC license correct? And if not how can I get a correct one?

thank you


Hi oesv31,

The CVC license read from the command is a demo license key which does not match with your BC127 BT address.

We offer a tool on the Source (link below) which allow you to load a demo license for the CVC demo. Since CVC and BT address must match before the demo can work, thus this tool will overwrite your BC127’s BT address. Please note, the BT address is not reversible.



Hello Sierra_2hufan

For me this sounds like the -HD modules do not come with a CVC licence. Is that correct?
So I have the following questions:

  • which module do I have to buy to get the CVC license out of the box?
  • which CVC license do I have to buy to use it with the -HD modules ? BCSW-CVC-HF-2M-Fx ? 1 Mic / 2 Mic ? handsfree / headset?
  • How to switch between 1 Mic / 2 Mic mode CVC?
  • Where to buy those licenses ?

thank you


Hi oesv31,

Sierra offers a CVC enabled SKU for BC127, you can check further details with your supplier. Regarding BC127-HD, unfortunately Sierra does not offer the same configuration as BC127, you can purchase the CVC license from Qualcomm and then use AT-cmd to load the key to the module. Hopes this answer your enquiry.